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Social Media

Image by William Hook


In simple terms, it is the process of analyzing behavior and demographic data. How are your hashtags performing? Do you know how to spot trends? Are you reaching your target audience? Analytics answers all these questions and more!



Don't quite have the words to say? Copywriting is the research, planning, and creating of all things written. Do you want your content (copy) to advertise goods and services or bring awareness to a cause?


Design & Graphics

Social media design is a lot different from websites. There is a process of planning and building all the elements. Your posts should be sized for the correctly and your brand has to be consistant across all platforms. The goal is to post valuble content that is share worthy, consistant, and creative.


Are you able to portray your business's value online? There is so much that goes into planning, developing, and administering strategies for your social media accounts. Whether you are a social media master or lack the time or know-how, having a social media manager will make it so much easier.


Posting & Scheduling

What day to post? What time to post? Where to post? What to post? How often to post? These are the questions my clients ask themselves before they booked. We will work together on what type of content is best, then I'll take out the guest work and post to your social media platforms on your behalf.



Knowing your objective and tactics, your competion, finding inspiration and setting clear goals are all a part of the strategy. When done correctly, your social media will grow, you'll have more customers and engaement.

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